Of course we believe the world would be better if cannabis was legal (and if a few folks in Washington would take a few tokes). But that’s not all. We want to inspire principled living. We want to propel the idea that one person can make a difference and that a community can be an agent of real change. Whether you’re fighting for basic human rights or ethical business practices, we’re with you every step of the way. And we’re fighting for a few causes of our own while we’re at it. We’re committed to correcting the wrongs of the war on drugs and supporting the non-violent victims who suffered because of it. 

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Celebrating the Golden Age of cannabis by scouring the Earth to route authentic strains, and developed proprietary blends that match the flavor, aroma, and effects of these classic strains.

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In our very core, we’re skeptical of anyone who doesn’t love cannabis. We question authority and norms. We like to challenge convention and the status quo. And we don’t just do this from the comfort of our own homes, we do it in the faces of authority. At Woodstock, we know that pushing limits, asking questions and coming up with new ideas is critical in creating real change.


Through music, art, literature and expression, we connect like-minded people in a joyous celebration of the way our world could be. The Woodstock brand celebrates expressions of all kinds and fosters places for people to build community (both physically and digitally). Sure these places are fun and social, but they mean more than that to us—they’re where we find our voice, our rallying cry, our motivator. There’s something inexorably binding about sharing a creatively rich moment-in-time that can never and will never be repeat. 

The woodstock generation

The 60’s was a special moment in time and space where people came together not only to reject what was happening in the world around them: war, injustice, racism, sexism and more, but to envision, and fight for, a new and better world. 

The social, or tribal, environments created by the Woodstock generation fostered new types of meaningful connections where people could come together to celebrate freedom, and to spread love over hate, war and negativity. It was the foundation of much of today’s culture around political discourse and protest, mutual enjoyment of cannabis and the ecstatic, joyful love of rock and roll music.
The Woodstock brand embodies the ideals of building a new world order that starts with “us” not “them”. The “us” is made up of people who believe we can do better. The “us” that stands against the establishment and is not afraid to question authority. The “us” that believes we can rise above rhetoric that often surrounds us all. At Woodstock, we celebrate our ability to step out of the fray and bring people together to enjoy this life we have.